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Summer Safety Tips for Your Pet


Summer is just around the corner and it’s time for spending outdoor time with your pets, but whilst in the midst of fun it’s also pertinent to keep safety pet tips in mind with your pet.

When walking, riding, or just being outside in general it’s important to take care of our pets just as we would take care of our children. Katie Molloy from “Barks Place” has some suggestions for you.


Summer Safety Tips for Your Pet


  1. HYDRATE: Keep plenty of cool water available. In the heat dogs need to have fresh, cool water. If a water bowl is left outside, refresh and change it frequently. When taking your dog for a walk, bring water with you. The Water Rover, is a great product for carrying water with you allowing to fill with fresh water as needed. We also recommend the Kurgo Collaps-a-Bowl. SHADE: While it may seem obvious, make sure your dog has a place to get out of the direct sunlight. Keep in mind that for dogs who spend much of the day outdoors, the sun moves and they’ll need a shady spot for all times of day. Cool Pet Pads are a unique product which requires no refrigeration or water – it is a pressure activated resting pad for dogs to keep them cool all day.

  2. WHEN TO WALK: While your feet are protected with shoes or sandals, your dogs are not. Plan walks for early mornings or late afternoons so your dog won’t burn its paws on hot sidewalks. CAR RIDES: Do not leave your dog alone in the car, even with the windows cracked. It can get dangerously hot within minutes and dogs can die from being left in the car. If necessary, leave the car running with the air conditioner on (and make sure to have an extra key in case you lock yourself out!!)

  3. BEACH TIME: Not all dogs can swim and even those that can are still susceptible to accidents in rough conditions – just like people are. Doggie life vests are highly recommended. Also be careful when letting your dog run along rocky beaches and shores. The rocks can cut their paw pads. Pawz natural rubber boots are an inexpensive and effective way to protect their feet.

  4. FIREWORKS/STORMS: ‘Tis the season for fireworks displays and electric storms. Many dogs are very afraid of the loud noises, lights and explosions. It is not uncommon for a dog to bolt away in fear. We have heard many reports of dogs going missing in the night this way. Also note that dogs can often sense thunder and lightning before you can. Be aware of storms and fireworks displays and bring your dog inside to ensure they are safe and out of the way. Calming treats & supplements, such as MellowMutt (dried chicken strips with calming botanicals) can help, as well as a product called ThunderShirt , which is a weighted garment designed to “hug” the dog.

  5. FLEAS/TICKS: Fleas can ruin your dogs' summer. Collars are largely ineffective in controlling external parasites on pets. New tick collars, which contain the chemical amitraz, are effective in preventing ticks from attaching to your dog and these are generally safe to use on a short-term basis. You can also treat your yard itself with beneficial nematodes (they work better than chemicals; natural pyrethrums or diatomaceous earth can also be used.) There are also many shampoos that owners can use to help relieve your dog of the fleas.

-- Kathi Molloy ,Owner and Author At “Barks Place”


About The Author: Bark Place is owned and operated by Kathi Molloy, a lifelong dog lover with over 20 years of experience showing and breeding dogs, specifically Norwegian Elkhounds.

Prior to opening Bark Place, Kathi worked for over fifteen years in retail buying management. When making the decision to pursue her true passion, she focused her entrepreneurial vision on filling a market niche where she saw tremendous opportunity – the DIY Wash. Drawing on her years of experience as a participant at competitive dog shows, Kathi sought to offer an easy, accessible and fun option for pet grooming. Further developing upon this concept, Kathi designed Bark Place, a one-stop shop for premiere-quality products & services for pets, which opened in Boston’s South End in spring 2009.

Kathi grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts and holds a BA from the University of New Hampshire. She currently lives in Saugus with her husband, Bob, co-owner of Bark Place and fellow dog enthusiast, and their three Norwegian Elkhounds. Kathi actively supports a number of non-profit organizations serving both the local community and animal rescue, including the Boys & Girls Club of America, North Shore Musical Theater, Humane Society, and MSPCA. Kathi currently serves as president of the New England Elkhound AKC dog club, the Norwegian Elkhound Minutemen Association (NEMA).