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Naming Your Pet - What's In A Name?

    Often, if you adopt a pet from a shelter, they will already have a name and depending on the age of the pet, changing it may confuse them. An option if you really don't like the name they were given is to change it to something that sounds similar.
    For example, my dog's name was Georgie when I first met her at my local shelter. As she was a female and because that name reminded me of a girl who had teased me mercilessly in grade school, I immediately decided to change it. Giving it some thought for several days after I brought her home, I settled on the name Nora which sounded enough like Georgie, yet was more feminine.
    Sometimes people name their pets for their color or coat; I once knew a fellow whose dog was called Peanut, in part because of her tannish color and also because of her diminutive size. It might be a physical trait or behavior that prompts a name such as Dazzle or Sparkle for an energetic or beautiful pet. Some prefer a more distinguished name like Bentley or Victoria or Trevor. In the southwest where I live, there are quite a few Wyatts and Codys.
    Of course, there is the possibility of nicknames as well, anything from "Puppy" to "Sweet Pea" to "Crazy Cat" - the list could go on and on!
    After you decide on a name for your pet, make sure you have a sturdy metal tag made to attach to their collar with his or her name, your name, address and phone number in case they accidentally get loose. The odds of having your pet returned to you safely are greatly increased by doing this.
    We have come a long way from the days when a pet was called Spot or Fluffy, so be creative and have fun with naming the newest member of your family!

    Deborah Dobson, FizzNiche Staff Writer