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Most Famous Dog Television Personalities

    Dog training is a skill that some people have successfully managed to make a business out of. Not only have they been able to make money out of their skills, they have also transformed themselves into celebrities in their own right, with people desperate to hire them and control their unruly pups. Here are some of the most well-known dog trainers.

    Cesar Millan

    Naturally, the infamous Dog Whisperer had to appear on the list. Mexican-American Cesar made his connection with dogs while staying on his grandfather's ranch and spending time with wild dogs there. He became known as the 'dog boy' or 'el perrero', such was his fascination with dogs. His methods of training were self-taught and he gradually honed his skills, with vast amounts of success.

    After a bout of working in dog grooming parlours, Cesar went out on his own and set up the Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles, where he specialised in retraining aggressive dogs. After a newspaper ran a profile on him, various producers approached him with the idea of making a television programme and The Dog Whisperer was born. Cesar visited the homes of people who were struggling to cope with their dogs and retrained them to become happy animals and well trained.

    Victoria Stilwell

    The English dog trainer is the face behind television programmes, 'It's Me or the Dog' and 'Greatest American Dog'. Victoria presents and judges on these shows respectively, promoting a technique of positive reinforcement for dog training. She does not use dominance-based methods, but rather works on the basis of science as a training method.

    Victoria created a network of dog trainers who use her preferred methods called Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training in 2010. The goal is for these trainers to spread the word about the positive reinforcement techniques across the world. Her TV show 'It's Me or the Dog' airs across the world and sees her observing families with their dogs and then working with them to create a happy environment for all.

    Barbara Woodhouse

    Although she died in 1988, Barbara was probably one of the first dog trainers as we know them today. She was a breeder and ran kennels, going on to have a television series as well as write books. Training Dogs the Woodhouse Way made Barbara a household name in Great Britain and she became famous for using catchphrases like 'walkies'. Her philosophy was simply 'no bad dogs'.

    Her TV programme showed Barbara that bad dogs don't exist, they just have owners who haven't established themselves properly as the authority that sits above the dog. She had a knack for being abrupt with dog owners and criticising them on the show, giving the impression that many owners were more scared of her than the dogs were. Her work and methods are thought to have influenced other dog trainers since, including Victoria Stilwell and she has also gained mentions in other popular culture; the James Bond film 'Octopussy' parodied her infamous catchphrases, while Randy Edelman actually wrote a song about her titled 'Barbara (The Woodhouse Way)'.

    Lauren Sutton is a writer at " Easy Animal"


    About The Author: Lauren Sutton is a pet-lover and brand journalist who loves watching animals on TV just as much as she does writing about them. This post she writes on behalf of Easy Animal, online pet accessories supplier.

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