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How to Make Pet Relocation Look Easy

    International moves would be so much easier if you could just “beam” yourself out to your destination country. Unfortunately, only the Starship Enterprise from “Star Trek” can do that magical, stress-free travel. While you wait for such technology to revolutionize the way people move from one location to another, here’s a more realistic approach: hire a specialist mover.


    A specialist mover could mean a service provider that is an expert in helping you make that international move with all your stuff or a service provider that is an expert in helping you move just your beloved pet from your home country to a destination country. When you are looking to seek a new life in a new country with your dog, cat, or even turtle, you may run into a few challenges — challenges that a reliable and experienced pet relocation services company can certainly handle.


    For starters, countries will have varying rules and regulations on the transportation of animals. You will most likely have to provide a number of documents in order to obtain an import permit. You may have to furnish customs and/or the concerned government agency that looks over animal transportation with special certificates such as veterinary tests; a vaccination book, which, for some countries, might require the micro chip or tattoo number of your pet; the health certificate from the country of origin; and any other pertinent documents as required by the destination country.


    Your pet export and import service provider can help you out with obtaining and processing the necessary permits and paper work you will require. In addition to such services that relieve you of the stress of relocating your pet, the company could also accommodate your dog, cat, or bird in its boarding facilities, should your temporary living situation not be suitable for any animal.


    But do not just leave everything up to your professional pet transportation services. You can ease your pet into relocation by allowing him or her to get used to a kennel before traveling. Experts recommend doing this sort of preparation five days before the scheduled trip to enable a good adjustment. You should also give your pet only a small meal around 12 hours before the big trip so that your dog or cat does not get airsick and make a mess in his or her carrier. Also (and this is critical), get your pet to go to the toilet. Preparing your pet well before the relocation will help him or her have a much more comfortable trip.


    About The Author: Sam Buddy is a pet owner and a freelance writer who loves to write about pets, proper pet care and the like. He continues to enhance his knowledge on these topics and visits pet care sites like to gain more useful information. Sometimes he reads books about pets and animals. He shares what he learned through writing.