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How To Prevent Mischief When Your Gone

Pet proofing your home preferably starts when your pet is very young.  Here are a few tips to get you started training your dog for time spent home alone.

Begin by leaving your home for 5-minute increments,  then 15-minutes, then 30-minutes.  Work up as they get older to be able to be left home alone for longer periods – no more than 3-hours for an adult dog.  Why no more than 3-hours?  Dogs, by nature, are pack animals, which is why they fit in so well with our families.  They do not like being left alone for long periods of time and also need to urinate frequently.

By leaving your puppy for a little at a time, you are programming them. This tells them that you will always come back.  It is training by repetition, which is my favorite way to teach animals.

With plenty of chew toys available, you will have a programmed pooch that will be sleeping peaceably, knowing that someone will be coming back home like clockwork at the appointed time everyday! Many dogs get fearful and anxious when they don’t know what’s going to happen next.  This is when they usually rip up the house.

I trained all my Great Danes this way and it worked like a charm!

Rebecca Ann Normandin, Author, Breaking The Chains of Spiritual Bondage between Man And God’s Creatures


About the Author:  Rebecca Ann Normandin wrote the non-fiction Christian/Spiritual book “Breaking The Chains Of Spiritual Bondage Between Man and God’s Creatures”. Out on