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Wet Dog Smell? Here's a Homemade Recipe to Get Rid of It

April showers bring May flowers... but with damp air, wet grass and a month full of rain showers, April showers can also bring the musty smell of "wet dog" into your home.

This spring, instead of limiting your pooch's time outside, just making him stay outside or simply giving in to the smell - you can turn to your kitchen cupboard for an all-natural, homemade deodorizer.


Baking Soda and Your Wet Dog

Create your own homemade pet deodorizer with baking soda.

This is an all-natural substance that can be used directly on your pet and it's safe for carpets, floors, bedding and furniture in your home.

Baking Soda to Deodorize the Dog - Grab your box of baking soda and a dog brush. Sprinkle the baking soda on your dog's fur, let it sit for a few minutes and then brush.

While the baking soda sits, it will soak up the moisture held in your dog's fur. But, as a mild agent, it shouldn't irritate your dog's skin. (Be sure to double check with your veterinarian if your dog has had sensitive skin.)

As you brush, the baking soda will make its way out of your dog's fur and take that wet dog smell with it!

Baking Soda to Deodorize Your Home - Take that same box of baking soda and sprinkle it throughout your home, let it sit for a few minutes and then vaccum it up.

Again, the baking soda will soak up the moisture and odors and lift them right out of your carpet, off of your couch and out of your dog's bedding.

Enjoy the spring and let your dog enjoy the great outdoors as the weather warms up without having to live with that wet dog smell!