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Handling Pet Allergies

    Pet dander (dead skin cells) is literally everywhere! It has been found on airplanes, on all types of fabric, in malls and other public places and if you are allergic to it, being around it can make your life miserable. Some people also react to saliva and urine too. But what if the thought of giving up your pet is worse than living with your allergic reactions? Here are some suggestions.
    Create a pet-free zone in your home for the person or people who are allergic; this might be their bedroom. Replace carpeted floors with either tile or wood. Cover mattresses in plastic. Vacuum and dust often. Don't allow your pets on the furniture. Bathe and brush your pet once a week (yes, your cat can get used to being bathed!). Wash your hands often, especially after coming in contact with your pet's hair. Use HEPA-filter air cleaners throughout your home. Work with an understanding allergist who can recommend treatments such as shots, antihistamines and the like. Consider having your pet live outside.
    Other information about allergies to pets: Many children will outgrow their allergies over time, dogs whose hair grows (like the Poodle or Bichon Frise) may not completely allergy-free and even some hairless breeds can cause allergic reactions, and one particular dog or cat may cause a more severe reaction in an allergic person than another.
    Weigh the pros and cons carefully but here's a final thought that might sway you: most people who have allergies and pets opt to keep their furry friends!

    Deborah Dobson, FizzNiche Staff Writer