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Fabulous Pet Toys

IPlay time and having a variety of several fun, safe toys helps your pet enjoy his or her life. Playing with your pet is good fun, allows you to bond with her or him and often provides exercise as well.
In thinking about preparing this article, I recalled reading about some pet toys that apparently contained material that was toxic to pets. Tennis balls for example, that, if ingested, caused dogs to become sick. So make sure that whatever your pet puts in its mouth cannot cause any harm.
Choose toys that are an appropriate size and weight for your pet. If you have a smaller dog, give her a smaller toy.
If the toy has a squeaker inside, it is not uncommon for dogs to swallow this if they chew the toy apart. Monitor your pet's play and again, make sure they are not eating anything that could cause an intestinal blockage or diarrhea.
Some pets prefer certain types of toys - find ones that your pet enjoys. Cats often love to bat balls that have bells inside or a lightweight ping pong ball. They also like to chase - there are small laser lights that stimulate your cat to chase and pounce. I always enjoyed the feather-on-a-stick toys with my indoor cats - they got good aerobic exercise and honed their predator skills at the same time. Birds and smaller pets enjoy bells, mirrors and wheels to run on.
The ball is a classic dog toy but some dogs (my own included) just aren't into retrieving. Instead, your dog might prefer a chewy toy (and often many of these will help keep his teeth clean) or a soft plush toy that squeaks. Tug toys can be fun too, but sometimes dogs can get overly excited about getting and keeping them. If this happens, it might be wise to simply exchange it for another toy or stop the contest altogether.
There are also many new interactive toys available today that allow pets to entertain themselves happily for hours. These are especially good if you aren't home all day and can provide a positive alternative to chewing or clawing the furniture.
It's important to have relaxing down time with your pet that includes play. Find out what toys your pets enjoys and make sure their toy basket has them. You might also consider thoroughly cleaning any toys your pet is not interested in and donating them to your local shelter.

Deborah Dobson, FizzNiche Staff Writer