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Create a Doggie Obstacle Course in Your Backyard


Does your dog have boundless energy and constantly yearn to play outdoors? Whether this stems from the breed of your four legged friend or his personality, your dog's enthusiasm may have you looking for fun and safe backyard doggie entertainment, rather than just taking them to a dog park for social interaction.  

For those of us that are huge lovers of man's best friend, we tend to treat them more like family than pets.  They give us unconditional affection and that inspires us to spoil them in ways we can't spoil our own kids.  

A doggie obstacle course in your backyard is a terrific idea for a domestic dog or a pup you might be training for a show.

Besides it being a fun owner and pet activity it's also very healthy means of keeping your dog agile and healthy. Using balancing obstacles, tunnels, bridges, and activities that is not only a playground but keeps your furry companion focused and stimulated. You can buy kits at your local pet store - or use materials and toys already in your garage and backyard.


It is a great fun for the whole family and like Dorothy said, your own hearts desire is already in your own back yard!