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Care For Your New Kitten

Cats seem to be very independent creatures, which us cat lovers tend to like.   In the first several weeks of a kitten's life it’s mother manages everything it needs, but after that you become the kittens mother and it becomes your responsibility to care for the kitten as though it is in fact your own family.  Here are some helpful guidelines to consider when you are caring for your new kitten.



After about four weeks the kitten can start eating store purchased dry food.  It isn’t always pertinent to get the most expensive brand of kitten food either.  Check and compare nutritional values of each brand and make your own choice.  When feeding the kitten wet food, don’t let it linger or put it back in the fridge for later, it could contain bacteria and therefore make your kitten sick. Also, a helpful hint is to immediately expose your kitten to several different kinds of food so it never starts as a picky eater if eventually they do need to make a dietary change in the future.



Your kitten should have access to water at all times, fresh or not, it should always be available.  Do not feed your kitten cow's milk, it’s terrible for their gestational system, but there are specific cat friendly versions of “milk” available at pet stores or vet if you want to check that out.



Kittens need warmth when sleeping, it’s why they curl up in a ball.   If you choose to let your kitten sleep with you then your body heat will keep it plenty warm, but if you don’t then a kitten bed is a great option, and if you don’t want to spend the money on one a cardboard box with a blanket in it would work perfectly as well.


Litter Training

This is one of the best aspects of having a cat.  Litter training is very simple.  You put your kitten in it a few times and cats are naturally clean animals, and it will start using it.  If you have multiple cats then sometimes they will resist using a box together and will require their own separate box.



They should be taken care of as soon as possible and follow up visits recommended.  Also, a flea collar is recommended if you are planning on letting your cat outdoors.