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Can You Put Sunscreen on Your Pet?

The summer sun can burn your pet's skin just like it can your own. If your dog is spending time outside with your electric fence, here are some tips to help you protect your dog from a painful and harmful sunburn:


You Can Use Sunscreen

There are special sunscreens made specifically for dogs. The big difference is that canine-friendly sunscreens are PBA free.

Dogs tend to try to lick off anything you put on them - so any sunscreen you use should be as safe to their digestive systems as they are to their skin.

Your dog's fur offers protection, so focus on areas where the fur is thin, like the tips of ears and backs of legs.

Check at your local pet supply store to find sunscreen made just for your dog and if you have questions, give your vet a call. They are always happy to help you keep your dog safe and healthy.

Dogs Are Smarter Than Humans

When we plan on a day outside in the summer, many of us are looking for a tan. We'll lather up in suntan lotion and lay on the beach or at the pool for hours risking sunburn.

Dogs are smarter than us ;) - they aren't worried about their tans!

When your dog feels hot, he/she will go looking for shade. So, be sure that there is shade available.