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Blending Comfort for Your Pet With Your Home's Decor

The amazing thing about comfortable pet accoutrements today is their sheer variety in terms of price, materials and fabrics, colors, sizes and features. Whether you're looking for an elaborate cat tree with multiple levels, a simple cushion-type dog bed or a specialized pet bed that provides orthopedic comfort for an aging friend, all this and more are easily available. Simply go online and search for what you're looking for;  in the process, you will likely discover more information about the item to help you refine your search.

For example, let's say you would like to buy a cat tree for your two cats. As you search the plethora of models, you learn that you can get one that has two lounging areas, one for each cat, if they are not prone to snuggling together. And usually they come in several colors so you can choose the one that works for your existing color scheme. Pet gates that fit between the doorways in your home can be made of plastic or a variety of different wood to match your trim.

Another fun option is to make your own covers and pillows. I wanted to make a pillow for my cats that would sit on top of a cabinet I had that was positioned in front of a window. I measured the top of the cabinet, cut and stuffed the pillow with cedar chips and foam and made a removable, washable cover for it that matched the fabric on a nearby loveseat. I did the same for my dog's two oversized beds, using fabrics that complimented the room's décor. The same can be done for bird cage covers as well.

Whatever your budget, there are many options available to enhance your pet's comfort and add to the beauty of your home!

Deborah Dobson, Fizzniche Staff Writer