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Backyard Puppy Pools

Using a puppy pool is one good way to help your dog cool off while he stays safe in your backyard with an underground fence this summer.

Here are a few tips to help ensure that the pool does more good than harm.


Place the Pool in the Shade

Pick a shady spot for the pool. If it’s left in the sun, the inches of water will quickly heat up and won’t provide much relief for your dog. Plus, the warmer the water, the easier it is for bacteria to grow. So, keep it in the shade.


Let the Water Flow

You can help keep the water cool, fresh and free from bacteria, algae and bugs by allowing the water to continually flow.  Start by poking a few holes in the bottom of the pool on one side. Use a hammer and a nail to poke through the plastic.  Place the pool so that the side with holes is at the lowest point. Then, place your hose on the other side of the pool. Turn the hose on – just a trickle will work!  As your dog splashes around, dirty water will leak through holes and clean, fresh, cool water will take its place.


Empty the Pool at Night

Mosquitoes love standing water. Your dog’s kiddie pool will look like the perfect spot to lay eggs when they are active at night and your dog is resting inside. So, dump the water each night and set the pool up on its side.

Have a great, safe summer with your pets!