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5 Considerations When Choosing A Pet

Most of the time when people are choosing pets the two most common options are dogs and cats but there are other things to take in consideration, and plenty of different options and things to take in consideration.  Is this pet for a young child, does someone in the house have some kind of allergies, etc.?  This article should give you some clues on your quest to make a new family friend.


Choosing a pet is no different than choosing a house or car insurance, it all boils down to three things:

Research, Research and more Research!
You wouldn’t buy a house just because it looks pretty. You wouldn’t buy that insurance because the company logo looks great. You would never (or rather should never, ever, ever!) get a dog or puppy just because it’s cute!

This goes of course to the choosing of any pet. Be it a dog, cat, bird, fish, snake or insect. You need to do some basic research into what you’re about to get involved with. So let’s start from the top:

  1. What species? If for instance you’re allergic to dogs and cats, then maybe a reptile or fish would be your thing. Maybe something along the lines of a pet flea or giant squid perhaps? (you’d be surprised…!)
  2. Legislation? For the most part you don’t need a special permit to keep a pet, but there are some species and breeds that are controlled by law so you really need to ask about this or face the wonders of the legal system.
  3. Breed? This is quite obvious for some of our more common pets such as dogs and cats, but it does affect your choice in other animals as well. What it is you want the pet for? Company, breeding, working or just want the challenge of something totally new? For instance a Fruit bat is not as good as a Labrador in retrieving a ball during daytime (even though the bat has more of a ‘cool-factor’). So, why are you getting a pet again?”
  4. Age and Temperament? Do you want to bring your pet up from the very beginning or do you want it to be more or less an adult ready to work with you? Is it easy to handle? does it like other people handling it? How long will it live? How big will it get?
  5. Special requirements? Ask your vet or breeder what the animal needs and make sure you stick with it! Some species are so sensitive to their feeding that even the tiniest of changes could be fatal. You can’t feed bird seed to an eagle or dog food to a cat. Their habitation varies as well, reptiles need certain heat and environments to thrive, and they suffer different ailments to other species.

Your commitment?

Do you have the time to walk your dog, exercise your pony, fly your hawk or milk your cow? Can you afford specialist treatments and feeds? Do you have the right space to keep your pet? Is everyone else in the family on board with this decision and are they willing to help? I’d love to keep a snake, but my girlfriend and my young dog have given me an ultimatum; it’s them or the snake…..

Christian J. Carlander, Director at “Crystal Palace Pet Sitters”


About The Author: “I’ve worked with dogs, horses and various other animals most of my life, and I have trained everything from Highland Ponies and working dogs to Birds of Prey.

My partner and I have also taken care of small animals such as rats, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and ferrets. We now have a young Springer Spaniel in the first stages of training, who is addicted to his orange cricket-ball!”