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4 Pet-Sitting Precautions

dog sitterBad people happen to good animals.  Most of us consider our pet a part of our family.

When finding someone to take care of our pets, we want to be sure they are treating our furry friends with the same amount of love and respect they receive from us when we're home. Learn what precautions to take while choosing a pet sitter for your furry family members.

1.  If you know your pet sitter personally, first please look at how they take care of their own pets.  They will likely treat your pet the same way.

2.  Never ask someone to pet sit for free because you run the risk they will not take it seriously.

3.  Write out a list in the order and the times that you want them done and explain to them where everything they will need is located.  Tape it to your kitchen cabinet door for easy access.  It's one thing to sit and discuss how you would like for them to care for your baby and an all together thing to have it all written out so they will not forget.

4.  Leaving your pet in its own home is less stressful for them all around.  If you choose a person you do not know well to watch your pets, install a baby cam!  They are reasonably priced and well worth your peace of mind.

Rebecca Ann Normandin, Author of "Breaking the Chains of Spiritual Bondage Between Man and God's Creatures"


About the Author: Rebecca had a thirty year Manicuring career as a Nail Tech. In California. The Lord called Rebecca into the ministry in 1997 to go to Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She arrived in 2004, received her Associate Degree in Business in October of 2011. Started attending Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa OK., finished writing a Christian book “BREAKING THE CHAINS OF SPIRITUAL BONDAGE BETWEEN MAN AND GOD’S CREATURES” which was published in 2012.